Peggy Alberts, LMT LBT
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"Speaking as someone who has been in occupational &/or sports therapy for 20+ years now, and having had some of the best and worst people in the business working on me at various times, I am comfortable, and confident, saying that Peg Alberts is better than you can find anywhere else at all aspects of her job. Not only is her technique and execution the best I have ever felt, but her way of making you feel comfortable being there is also second to none. You can tell that she genuinely enjoys what she is doing and it is not just about paying the bills. It’s wonderful. It’s an authentic and genuine feel that I wish could be replicated in all aspects of life. Having had all different types and times of therapy from her, what I would personally recommend is the full three hours. Not only will you not believe three hours went by at the end, but it will be the most relaxed and revitalized you have felt both physical and spiritually in a very long time. Do yourself a favor and book now."          -Anthony Wright

"This massage was exactly what I was looking for.  I liked the way you worked on problem areas until they were better."    -Blake

"It was a wonderful massage you did for me. It helped my body alot, thank you, and my Spirit.  It made me smile. Thanks!"                      -Bob, Advanced MS

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